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This website is my personal forum to discuss what Mayor Denis Law and his Administration are doing which I believe should be brought to the attention of Renton Councilmembers AND the citizens of Renton. My comments represent my editorial views and do not carry the endorsement of any other entity. None of my editorial comments are intended as legal advice.

Citizens are invited to contact me regarding their experiences and observances; and I will research the legal aspects related to their reports. PLEASE NOTE that my research is not intended to form an attorney-client relationship; instead I do this outreach as an interested citizen of Renton who wishes to freely comment on issues of interest to myself and other Rentonites. (Please refer to the footnote on this webpage.)

For example, former RMC 4-3-100(A) provided that minimum standards "must be met." In May 2010, those words were removed. The amended version did not require an applicant to demonstrate sufficiency to the standard associated with the approved guidelines as long as the applicant satisfied the "intent and guidelines associated with the design requirements." RMC 4-3-100(a)(2)(b). Now guidelines allow "different or creatives ways" to achieve those principles, which I believe interjects such subjectivity as to render the code "void for vagueness." This wording I believe cleverly allows the Planning and Development Department to do what it wants for whom it wants. If so, then it would be pay to be a developer friend as opposed to a citizen who is being required "to jump through hoops." Do you have real life examples of this? Contact me if so, 206-339-8210. Conveniently, if there are conflicts between design regulations in RMS 4-3-100 and other sections of the RMC, the design regulations prevail.

Mayor Denis Law's Apparent Dislike of Citizen Comments at Public Meetings

Read his EMAIL yourself.

This EMAIL and the discussion which occurred at the Council of the Whole on Jan 13, 2014, prompted me to create these two cartoons.